“Connie addresses the human and legal issues in a matter. She is the only person in NH that I know who has both extensive mediation experience and business and bankruptcy experience.” 

NH Trial and Bankruptcy Lawyer

“Connie did a masterful job diffusing an emotional situation. I believe both parties left the mediation feeling that they had been heard. She guided them to a financial compromise which allowed them to close the matter and move on.” Vermont civil litigator

“Not only did she conduct the mediation with great sensitivity to the parties’ varying interests, but she did so while encouraging respect for each of the participants towards the others.” Counsel for Principal Party in Probate Dispute involving 8 participants

“I recently participated in a complex multi-party probate mediation involving many difficult issues in several jurisdictions. Connie Rakowsky acted as the mediator and did an excellent job in defining the issues at the outset, managing the competing positions and providing leadership to all parties and ultimately assisting in achieving a settlement. Connie brings her years of experience as an attorney to the mediation process which is a great asset to all parties and allows her to provide realistic and credible feedback during all stages of the mediation process. I would highly recommend attorney Rakowsky as a mediator.” NH Civil Trial Lawyer

“Connie has been the mediator in two different probate court matters in which I have been involved.  She is very good at getting the parties to focus on the issues and to be realistic about the outcome of the case.  She has a knack for dealing with people in a calm and composed manner, which is helpful when the cases are emotionally charged.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a mediator.” NH Tax and Probate lawyer

“Connie served as the mediator in two difficult probate court matters recently. While I expected neither to settle, she performed admirably in focusing the clients on the issues that brought them to court and possible resolutions. Connie encouraged client participation so each could understand the issue from the opposite perspective. She deftly redirected people when they tended to wander from the issues at hand.  She probed possible scenarios by which to resolve the conflicts short of trial.  In the end, she motivated the clients towards settlement in each case. Where I believed neither case would resolve because of the level of animosity between the parties involved, she helped the parties sidestep their differences and worked towards an equitable resolution.” NH Civil Litigator

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